Insights from Blip data

  • Retrieve data from your Blip bot for processing elsewhere

  • Understand conversational data by taking the first step

  • Determine your bot's limitations and strengths

  • Identify where customers are getting stuck

  • Measure the time it takes for someone to be redirected to a human attendant

  • Leverage data to answer various questions with Blip integration

  • Explore Blip Integration for customer understanding


How Blip Works

The Blip Extension creates a webhook for your Blip bot. Blip sends message data, updates for contacts and tracking data. You can find more details here.

Blip's extension page.
Blip's extension page.

Get more out of Blip with Segment

Segment listen's to the aforementioned webhook and the integration creates the appropriate events. When a contact is updated, an identify method is fired, otherwise a track method is fired.

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Integrate Blip with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Blip.