Alloy Flow

No Code Automation Platform

  • Connect your most-used applications using our no-code workflow builder.

  • Automate everday tasks to save both time and resources.

Alloy Flow

How Alloy Flow Works

Alloy Flow is a no-code business process automation solution. Teams leverage Alloy Flow to connect the apps they use and automate internal workflows.

Alloy Flow

Get more out of Alloy Flow with Segment

Alloy has developed a Segment connector block within our platform, enabling customers to effortlessly integrate apps that are not inherently supported by Segment. This functionality empowers Segment's clients to utilize Alloy as a solution for bridging gaps in their catalog sources and destinations, without requiring Segment to develop these in-house.

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Integrate Alloy Flow with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Alloy Flow.