Marketo Static Lists

Email Audience Syncing

  • Sync audiences created with Segment Personas into Marketo as a List

  • Run email campaigns in Marketo without having to manually find and upload a refreshed csv of users

  • Save valuable time by not having to chase down the data you need to run your email campaigns

Marketo Static Lists

How Marketo Static Lists works

The Marketo Static Lists destination lets you sync audiences of users from the Segment Personas product into Marketo. Save time – and run your email campaigns like a pro.

Marketo Static Lists

Get more out of Marketo Static Lists with Segment

The Marketo Static Lists integration allows you to instantly send any customer data to Marketo Static Lists. The Segment-Marketo Static Lists integration can receive data from the following sources: Website (Analytics.js javascript library), Server (Server-side libraries like Node, Go, PHP, Ruby), Mobile (Our iOS and Android libraries).

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Integrate Marketo Static Lists with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Marketo Static Lists.