Empower business users to perform BI without help from IT.

  • Connect to multiple sources of data.

  • Data management.

  • Data warehousing.

  • Visual data discovery.

  • Powerful data transformation library.

  • Task pipeline automation.

  • Easy to use, Felxible and transparent.

  • Export data to other reporting and dashboarding frameworks such as google datastudio or kibana.

  • Custom alerts based on data (beta).


How Mammoth works

Mammoth is a data management platform that allows you to take your data from its raw state to insights with all the steps in between.

Mammoth is built to reduce the resource and time intensive data engineering costs in your organization. You can quickly prototype data workflows without having to worry about development and deployment.

You can use Mammoth to implement data flow pipelines where your data traverses through successive transformations to produce output. The process is feedback driven where data discovery happens along the way.


Get more out of Mammoth with Segment

If you are already using Segment, Mammoth should be a great addition to your analytics stack. With Mammoth’s no coding approach to analytics, you can really empower business users in your organization to find the insights they are looking for.

Mammoth will allow users in your organization to slice and dice the Segment data in whichever they want with just a few clicks. You can quickly prototype data workflows and quickly test and iterate. You can understand your customer behaviors better with Segment + Mammoth.

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