Lucky Orange

Web analytics and user session recording

  • Creates, filters, and segments real-time on-screen recordings so marketers can see how customers interact with their content

  • Develops and segments dynamic heatmaps so marketers can visualize customer behavior

  • Enables chat feature to support in-app or browser-based customer chats

  • Supports unlimited dynamic customer funnels so marketers can track drop offs based on customer events like cart abandonment

  • Supports automatically triggered customizable web or app polls

Lucky Orange

How Lucky Orange works

Installing Lucky Orange requires you to load a JavaScript tag onto your site that records where your visitors click and scroll. Usually the install process is pretty straightforward, but will depend on your application development environment, and will always require additions to your code. Once you’ve moved past the hurdle of getting the code snippet into your site source code, you’ll be able to see heat maps, scroll maps, and session recordings using the data collected.

Lucky Orange

Get more out of Lucky Orange with Segment

If you are already using Segment, getting started with Lucky Orange becomes very simple and only requires you to enable it in your Segment settings. When you enable Lucky Orange, Segment’s content delivery network is updated within 5-10 minutes. Once that happens, Segment will know to load JavaScript from Lucky Orange onto your page whenever it is loaded. This means there is no need to install any Lucky Orange code in your web application yourself. Lucky Orange will start automatically tracking heatmap data, session recordings, and more with your existing Segment implementation.

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Integrate Lucky Orange with Segment

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