Digital marketing analytics

  • Builds customer profiles based on customer activity, so your teams can build and track unique customer segments and optimize engagement

  • Supports campaign personalization, allowing marketers to trigger custom campaigns to segmented audiences at specific times

  • Pop-up, email capture, HTML bar, and notification widgets provide in-app messaging to targeted customers 

  • Integrates with Ecommerce stores to track abandoned carts and trigger custom communication


How FoxMetrics works

FoxMetrics is powered by a Javascript library of custom data collection code from FoxMetrics. You’ll need to install the library on all pages of your site to get started collecting data and using features. As with most analytics tools, a complete and thorough implementation takes time. Implementing FoxMetrics will take at least as long as your initial Segment implementation, since you are mirroring your existing data collection points. You need to plan out the events and user attributes to be collected, then install code hooks for each one to pull variable data from your database and fire Javascript events. In some cases, additional data is needed via backend API connection.


Get more out of FoxMetrics with Segment

When you use Segment to send data to FoxMetrics, you don’t need to use the FoxMetrics Javascript library. Segment’s library can be used to collect and transform all of your data directly to FoxMetrics.

With Segment installed, your customer data will also be sent to your other tools like email, chat, push, ad conversions, etc. There are many cases where you’ll get access to data in FoxMetrics that wouldn’t be there without custom coding if you weren’t using Segment. Many email integrations that Segment offers also push activity back through Segment and out to integrations, including FoxMetrics, that means you’ll see Email Delivered, Opened, Clicked, etc. in your reports. Automatic events also work for most live chat integrations, Live Chat Started, Message Sent, etc. will show up in FoxMetrics as long as the live chat integration and FoxMetrics are both loaded by Segment.

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Integrate FoxMetrics with Segment

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