ELT customer and product data from different sales, marketing, financial tools into your data warehouse.

  • Reduces your data integration workload from tools like Salesforce, Pardot, NetSuite to zero.

  • Get analytics-ready data flowing into your Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL or Snowflake data warehouse with powerful ELT that enables unlimited access to all of your data, anytime.

  • Begin working with your data right away as Blendo infers the data source's schema and creates the necessary tables in your data warehouse for you.


How Blendo works

The increase of cloud applications coinciding with more data-driven decision-making on the part of business users is overwhelming data engineering teams and blocking the execution. Blendo is a powerful ELT platform that helps business and technical users alike to build data pipelines that help them grow and know their customers. With Blendo you can save time and effort in complicated data management systems and empower your team with analytics-ready data from sales, marketing, finance - in minutes.


Get more out of Blendo with Segment

Segment and Blendo‘s integration enables accurate business analytics, across all your customer touchpoints. With Segment, you have the customer events from your website or app annotated and structured for you. Blendo is the glue that enables frictionless access to cloud data from every function in the company (, product, engineering) plus Segment into a data warehouse.Analyzing Segment events along with other customer data points in pure SQL can give you more possibilities to understand the journey, influence engagement and affect conversions.

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Integrate Blendo with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Blendo.