Bing Ads

Pay-per-click search engine marketing

  • Places cross-device product ads in front of Bing, Yahoo, and MSN customers

  • Supports imported pay-per-click ad campaigns from third-party platforms like Google AdWords

  • Can retarget ads to customers after they complete an action like leaving a shopping cart or viewing a product without purchasing 

  • Allows marketers to track segmented audiences grouped by location, device, or event constraints

Bing Ads

How Bing Ads works

There are two types of data you’ll want to send to Bing Ads: page views and events. Page views are straightforward: add the Javascript library to your site’s header and the script will know when visitors view specific pages. Collecting data on specific events takes a bit more work. You’ll need to learn the Bing Ads Javascript functions for firing events, and install for each event on your site. Any events that require variable data will need to be handled by a developer so that you can grab the relevant data and populate it in the event.

Enables marketers to track and monitor campaigns, clicks, CTR, spend, and budget
Enables marketers to track and monitor campaigns, clicks, CTR, spend, and budget
Bing Ads

Get more out of Bing Ads with Segment

It’s easy to get page and event data to Bing Ads without editing code when you use Segment. When you enable the Bing Ads integration in the Segment app, the Bing Ads script starts loading on your website right away to collect page views. Segment events will also be recorded in Bing Ads, so you can set up a goal in Bing Ads that is triggered by those events you’ve already got installed, rather than needing to code new hooks into your site. Any events that have a value or revenue property will translate to Bing Ads’ event value.

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Integrate Bing Ads with Segment

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