Mobile app analytics and messaging

  • Tracks user behavior and retention in app with metrics like Daily Active Users (DAU), installs, and app starts

  • Creates customer segments with user activity, engagement levels (new, engaged, or dormant), or native attributes like phone type, location, or app version

  • Engages app users with triggered or one-time push notifications and in-app messaging

  • Enables marketers to produce custom mobile landing pages


How Batch Works

Detailed customer data is a critical piece of the Batch integration. The platform uses customer app behavior to create segments and trigger campaigns. The more relevant inputs Batch has, the better your campaigns will perform. To get the most out of the platform you’ll need to go through a full technical implementation, which usually means installing Batch’s mobile SDKs for iOS and Android, and recording data to its APIs while also sending data from your server.


Get more out of Batch with Segment

Segment makes it easier to install Batch with our iOS and Android libraries. The customer information recorded with the identify or group methods and any actions being recorded with the track and screen methods are all sent through to Batch in the correct format and with data labels that it expects. To start using Batch, you will need to enter your Batch LIVE API Key in your Segment Dashboard (and your GCM Sender ID for Android only). Core features of the product, including push notifications and in-app messaging, will also require you to bundle Batch’s SDK in the Segment SDK you’re currently using. Even with that additional step, using the Destination through Segment will end up saving valuable development time since your team doesn’t need to learn or work with the Batch SDKs or API directly.

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