Amazon Personalize

Product Recommendations

  • Real-time product recommendations - Provide your customers with realtime product recommendations across your apps, emails, push, sales and support interactions

  • ​​Tailored search results - Ensure customers find relevant results when searching your catalog with personalized search results for each customer

  • ​​Targeted marketing promotions - Provide discounts and promotions for the products your customers are most interested in

Amazon Personalize

How Personalize Works

Get started with Segment and Amazon Personalize has three steps:

1. Preparing Historical Data - prepare your historical data and upload your product or media catalog

2. Creating a Personalize Solution - Select your algorithm and train a model

3. Getting Recommendations - Use the Personalize API to stream customer data write recommendations for each user to Segment

Amazon Personalize

Get More Out of Personalize with Segment

Amazon Personalize is a machine learning service from Amazon that makes it easy for developers to create personalized recommendations for their customers.

Building and training ML models to provide realtime, personalized recommendations for customers has always been a challenge. It has traditionally required complex data infrastructure to collect and centralize data across sources, and large in-house data science teams to train and productionize these models. 

With Segment and Amazon Personalize, developers can build ML-based personalizations into their application and marketing journey, without building new data pipelines or standing up additional infrastructure.

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Integrate Amazon Personalize with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Amazon Personalize.