Optimizely Feature Experimentation (Actions)

Unlock the full potential of your digital experiences with Optimizely Feature Experimentation – the ultimate platform for seamless feature flagging, A/B testing, and immediate code deployment across websites, mobile apps, chatbots, APIs, and smart devices.

  • Controlled Experiences: Drive impactful customer experiences with enhanced control and influence over your product lifecycle.

  • Stack-Wide Optimization: Innovate across your entire stack, from content and algorithms to web, apps, and OTT, for superior customer interactions.

  • Hyper-Personalization: Elevate personalization efforts with precise and rapid testing, ensuring targeted and effective customer engagement.

  • Targeted Rollouts: Exercise authority over feature visibility with feature flags and targeted rollouts, leveraging Advanced Audience Targeting for strategic audience segmentation.

  • Release Decoupling: Simplify deployment with sophisticated feature management tools, allowing code push anywhere and gradual release via an intuitive UI.

Optimizely Feature Experimentation (Actions)

How Optimizely Feature Experimentation Works

Maximize the potential of the Optimizely SDK by deploying code behind feature flags, conducting A/B tests, and utilizing percentage deliveries for swift flag rollouts or rollbacks. Elevate your product lifecycle optimization, engage in stack-wide experiments, achieve hyper-personalization, exercise precise control over rollouts, and streamline deployment—all without sacrificing the additional advantages that come with integrating with Segment.

Optimizely Feature Experimentation (Actions)

Get more out of Optimizely Feature Experimentation with Segment

Enhance your conversion event tracking capabilities by seamlessly integrating Optimizely Feature Experimentation with Segment. Utilize Segment's support for the trackEvent action to ensure the seamless transmission of user conversion events for active experiments. Take advantage of Segment's streamlined data transfer capabilities, specifically leveraging Optimizely's Event API, to facilitate efficient and effective experimentation.

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Integrate Optimizely Feature Experimentation (Actions) with Segment

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