Mixpanel (Actions)

Cross-channel user analytics

Mixpanel (Actions) provides the following benefits over the classic Mixpanel destination:

  • Simpler setup: Mixpanel (Actions) has a streamlined default setup process making it easier to get started in a way that “just works”.

  • More control: Actions-based destinations enable you to define the mapping between the data Segment receives from your source, and the data Segment sends to the destination.

  • Additional default property mappings: More default mappings from the Segment context like app name, app namespace, device type, and more.

  • Improved Groups support: Implementation of Segment Groups with Mixpanel Group Analytics is easier. If you’re already using Segment Groups, no code changes are required.

Mixpanel (Actions)

How Mixpanel works

Implementing Mixpanel involves building with two APIs, Mixpanel and Mixpanel People. You’ll need to map out your events and user traits to be collected, decide which libraries and SDKs you need to collect that data, and install them into your product(s). Mixpanel event and people reporting is straightforward once data is flowing, but it’s getting the data flowing that takes the most time.

Mixpanel (Actions)

Get more out of Mixpanel with Segment

When you use Segment to send data to Mixpanel, instead of needing to work with different Mixpanel APIs and SDKs, your developer only needs to learn Segment’s API and 3 simple methods: identify, track, and alias.

Once Segment is installed, your customer data will also be sent to your other tools like email, chat, push, ad conversions, etc. There are many cases where you’ll be able to access additional data in Mixpanel that, without Segment, wouldn’t have been there in a typical Mixpanel implementation. This is because several email integrations that Segment offers also push activity back through Segment and out to connected integrations (like Mixpanel). That means you’ll see events like Email Delivered, Opened, Clicked, etc. in your Mixpanel reports without needing to establish custom Mixpanel event tracking.

These types of automatic events also work for most live chat integrations. With Segment piping customer data throughout, you’ll see Live Chat Started, Message Sent, etc. showing up in Mixpanel as long as the live chat integration and Mixpanel are both loaded by Segment.

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