The cross channel marketing and data management platform

  • Collect all of your customer and business data from anywhere in your tech stack, and activate it for immediate use in our cross-channel messaging platform.

  • Create and save hyper-specific audience segments in seconds using simple and/or statements.

  • Align your teams to create campaigns quickly with easy-to-use workflows that transform all of your data into personalized brand experiences.

  • Use marketing automation to tailor messages or trigger campaigns to each person and channel at time of send.


How Cordial Works

Cordial is a cross-channel marketing platform for brands to communicate in personal, intelligent ways, founded with the goal of creating better, more human experiences for both marketers and their customers. Combining data management and marketing execution in one platform, Cordial helps brands send a better message across email, SMS, mobile app, and more.


Get more out of Cordial with Segment

Our integration enables Cordial as a Segment Destination, to seamlessly send Segment contact data into the appropriate data collections within Cordial. Segment streams customer profile, behavioral and ecommerce event data from brand properties, as well as provides Personas and profile enrichment. Cordial uses Segment’s data - combined with other customer and business data - to build compelling messaging faster and create more meaningful 1:1 engagement across multiple channels.

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Integrate Cordial with Segment

Segment makes it easy to set up Cordial.