The only identity graph inside of Segment

Identity Resolution, purpose built for Segment. We turn the anonymous to known with the largest accessible, fully populated, compliant identity graph. This will transform how you think about your GTM efforts. Finally, create the data backbone that will enable you to achieve your revenue goals. Use cases include:

  • Light up the “Dark Funnel”

  • Attribution prior to the classic conversions to accurately assess buyer & accounts validation of

    • Spend

    • Tactics

    • Channels

    • Journey stage

    • MQL/MQA

    • Media planning against your total addressable market (TAM)

    • Activate and onboard dynamic 1st party audiences for omnichannel outreach

Personalizing messaging across email, website, live chat, and more with resolution data! Resolve

How Resolve Works

You are going to love the expansive simplicity of our Identity Resolution. Just select our destination from the catalog, create an account on our application and in the CDP connections catalog select segment.  You will be assigned an API key and required to input a write key that you will obtain from segment.

Data will begin populating within 24-48 hours.
Data will begin populating within 24-48 hours.
The only application that delivers >100% ROI in the first 30 days.
The only application that delivers >100% ROI in the first 30 days. Resolve

Get more out of with Segment

Our Identity Resolution provides two unique and transformative functions within Segment.

  1. Connecting the Anonymous ID assigned by the Segment session to the PII without a traditional conversion. (e.g. – form submit or email open/click)

  2. Writing back up to 54 fields of data to Segment

If you are only using our Identity Resolution product, our resolution rates for North American traffic are averaging 52**%, if you are using our data as your backbone for your omni-channel outreach you can expect closer to 71% and as high as 88%**.

Unlock the power of de-anonymization; 

  • build relationships 

  • drive higher conversions

  • expand your audience

Discover the missing link to greater ROI for your CDP and marketing investments with

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