Track how events impact KPIs

AppFit helps startups and fast-moving companies stay on top of their metrics by integrating Segment data with a Product Journal to track activities that impact metrics.

  • Set a focus for what your team is doing right now and stick with it.

  • Track everything going on with your business in your Product Journal - changes to Price and Ad Spend, Releases, Outages, and more...

  • Hook up Segment and AppFit will automatically pull in your metric data.

  • Get weekly reports for your team to check in on progress.


How AppFit Works

AppFit is easy if you are already using Segment. Simplify forward your events from Segment into AppFit and map events to the appropriate metrics they represent.

For example, the metric New Users may be mapped to an event called account_created since that is the event the application sends when a user creates an account. 

Once you've set up your metrics, you can then use AppFit to keep track of things you are doing to improve your business in your Product Journal.

AppFit will overlay those items with your metrics so you can identify what initiatiaves work the best.

Summary Screen
Summary Screen
Metrics Screen
Metrics Screen
Metric Details Screen
Metric Details Screen

Get more out of AppFit with Segment

AppFit works with Segment by mapping the track events that you forward to specific Metrics

For each metric, you can specify if you want the unique users that performed the event or the total count of times the event was fired.

For example, you can track the event session_started for both Active Users and Sessions. Active Users are the unique users that fired the event. Sessions is the total count of how many times the event was fired.

You can also filter events by specific event properties, if you need an additional level of detail. The metric New Mobile Users might map to account_created where the event property platform does not equal web.

And, you can use event formulas to help calculate metrics. The metric Weekly Revenue might be calculated using the event item_purchased and calculating the sum of all values for the event property amount.

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