What’s new at Twilio Segment: Personas spaces, more usage insights, and new events in the audit trail

By Kevin Garcia, Doug Roberge

Twilio Segment Personas is now part of Segment’s Twilio Engage product offering.

As a technology leader, it’s your job to make sure you have the right data available and infrastructure in place to support new requirements as they pop up. We’ve recently shipped several features to help your team stay prepared with the right insights, tools, and customizable account setups.

We’ve added spaces in Personas, more insights into Segment usage, and more events in our audit trail to ensure that your team has visibility and control over your work. We’ve also added and refined integrations with Salesforce, Adobe, LaunchDarkly, and more to help you continue to innovate and grow.

Here are the latest features, product updates, and integrations launched at Segment.


You can use Segment to connect event and object data across a huge ecosystem of tools. When you collect both, it can be critical for your business to have visibility into how much data, and what mix of data, is flowing through Segment on a monthly and annual basis. Now all users have access to data volume insights directly within the Insights section of the app. Check it out now → 


Here are a few more Connections updates:

  • New flexible Salesforce destination: With our improved Salesforce destination, you’re in control! You can now map any Track event or Identify call to any standard or custom object in the Salesforce destination. You can find this new ability in the Salesforce destination settings under Actions

  • Updated Adobe Analytics destination: It’s now easier to map Adobe properties and variables to Segment events. We’ve added support for merchandising events, custom delimiters for list variables, and other fine-grained controls. You can find these updates in your Adobe Analytics settings.

  • New CustomFit destination: CustomFit.ai is an ‘App Experience Engine’ for B2C apps. It helps apps craft hyper-personalized experiences and intelligent user journeys for each of their users with zero code.

  • New LaunchDarkly source: LaunchDarkly empowers development teams to safely deliver and control software through feature flags. You can collect and export raw user event data into Segment for in-depth analysis.

  • New FunnelEnvy destination: FunnelEnvy helps personalize website experiences and optimize conversion across the entire customer journey. Leverage our new integration to use your existing data to power campaigns, track goals, and create more effective audiences.


We’re excited to announce that all Personas customers can now create multiple Personas spaces. Each space is like a separate Personas environment. For example, you can create a dev space to connect non-production test data and build test audiences. And, you can create a production space for your live data. You can even create spaces separated by business teams or by regions. 

Each space can be assigned to specific roles, so you can build the environments you for any scenario you need with Personas. To start building your spaces, check out your Settings in the app


In order to make sure workspace admins are able to identify which users are making changes to traits and audiences, and viewing user profiles, we’ve also incorporated actions taken in the Personas UI into our Audit Trail feature.

Now you can understand exactly who is doing what in Personas for your own internal monitoring and security purposes. To see your Personas events in the Audit Trail, check out your Settings in the app

*If you want to incorporate these events into an internal monitoring system, you can write a bit of serverless code using a custom destinations (currently in beta) to get alerts in your reporting tool of choice.


Here are a few more Personas updates:

  • Multi-destination support: You can now send the same audience or trait to multiple accounts from the same partner tool. For example, if you have regional instances of Adwords accounts, you can now send the same audience to those different accounts. 

  • Google Display & Video 360 beta: We’ve kicked off a beta with Google’s Display & Video 360 platform to help you send web and mobile audiences to the DV360 suite for targeted advertising. Please reach out to your CSM if you’d like to join the beta.

Want to get early access to Segment features?

Here are a few of the betas we’re actively recruiting for:

Reach out to beta@segment.com to join a beta today! 

We’re always making updates to Segment! To see everything for yourself, log in to your workspace.

New to Segment and want to learn more? Request a personalized demo.

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