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By Michael Dulle - Product Manager at Braze

This post is a guest submission by our partner, Braze. Michael Dulle, Product Manager at Braze shares what their latest updates to the Braze Source can unlock for customers. Braze helps leading brands create live views of their customers that stream and process historical, in-the-moment, and predictive data in an interactive feedback loop, so immediate action on insights can be taken with relevant messaging across mobile and web.


Marketers are awash with data. Data is flooding them from many disparate and often siloed tools with incompatible data formats. Traditionally, wading through this information for nuggets of insight has been a Herculean task. It is often required to get help from data or engineering teams, each with their own timelines and competing priorities.

The result? Many times requests are pushed back, having teams wait days, if not weeks, to get the data they need to build relevant customer messaging and campaigns. However, data is a perishable good, and each day that goes by it becomes stale and the value is diminished or even lost entirely.

We’ve made it easier for marketers to access their engagement data when they need it with Segment’s support of Currents. )The updated Braze Source gives marketers access to their customer data in milliseconds, allowing them to create hyper-personalized campaigns without having to wait.

What’s new about the Braze Source

Currents streams event data continuously in near-real time. Allowing customers to take immediate action based on their users' experiences as they unfold.

From tracking conversions on marketing campaigns that trigger a workflow in your CRM tool to tracking mobile or e-commerce purchases and connecting that information with your point-of-sale or inventory system–Segment’s support of Currents unlocks the ability to create complex campaigns using your high-intent first-party data.

View inside Braze’s data configuration page

Streaming conversion events, for example, through Currents into Segment allows users to understand how their marketing efforts are affecting their desired outcomes. The power of Segment really shines when users need to join Braze Currents events with data from other sources, such as a CRM, to get a fuller picture of their customers' journeys.

Segment now supports new Braze events for additional insight into customer behavior:

  • Campaign Conversion

  • Canvas Conversion

  • Canvas Entry

  • Campaign Control Enrollment

  • Email Soft Bounce

  • iOS Foreground Push

  • Webhooks

By piping all of this information through Segment, customers can easily load a unified dataset into any number of Destinations, allowing them to experiment with data, discover patterns and trends, and reveal insight that would otherwise be hidden.

As Braze continues to develop our Currents stream, we will be adding new events to help Marketers gain deeper insights into their users’ behaviors.

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