Revolutionize your Marketing Campaigns with a new integration between Voice Intelligence and Segment’s Customer Data Platform to drive lead generation

Twilio's Voice Intelligence, combined with Segment's CDP, allows for further personalization to customers through a more holistic understanding of their journey.

By Krishna Bang, Amitabh Sharma

In the era of customer-centricity, personalization reigns supreme. 

Customers now expect marketing that’s tailored to their unique preferences. In fact, 71% of customers expect personalization, and 76% said they get frustrated when they don’t find it.

When customers interact with your brand across multiple channels, it can be hard to fully understand their goals. Consider a scenario where a customer speaks with a company on the phone and visits the same company’s website a few days later. 

Traditionally, that brand would have no way to connect its customer’s phone interaction with their actions on the website.

A workaround might look like a manual transcript added to the user’s profile in your CRM, or maybe a quick summary typed and associated with the customer in a database.

Thankfully, we have a solution. 

Twilio Voice Intelligence, paired with Twilio Segment’s Customer Data Platform (CDP), can connect the intent of a customer’s phone call with their complete customer profile, adding them to an appropriate email list based on what they care about at that exact moment.

In this blog, we’ll share the fictional story of Christine on a search for her dream apartment, and the value that Voice Intelligence + Twilio Segment’s CDP  can bring to her.

Collect customer intent from a voice call for stronger, more personalized marketing

Christine is on the hunt for an apartment in downtown Portland. She found a potential match with through a Google search, which has apartment complexes across the city, and wants to learn more.


A transcript is created through Voice Intelligence. Notice that the city and zipcode are redacted (an additional feature that can be enabled in Voice Intelligence). Segment processes and stores customer data which is only processed pursuant to customer’s instructions. 

Christine calls a support agent at Rose Apartments. The agent learns that Christine wants a two-bedroom apartment for $2,000/month, that allows dogs, and preferably a designated parking spot.

The support agent lists out three options in Christine’s budget, alongside a special offer – one month for free at select apartments.

However, by the end of the call, Christine decides she is not ready to commit. Sensing Christine’s hesitation, the support agent asks if Christine would like to get in touch with a property manager. Christine agrees. 

The support agent asks for some basic information, which Christine willingly shares – her email address, phone number, city, and zip code – so they can keep in touch.

Here’s where it gets fun. 

Twilio Voice Intelligence was able to scan the support agent’s transcript with Christine, identify the intent of her call, and label her a qualified lead. Voice Intelligence adds this tag to Christine’s user profile, which is sent to  the Twilio Segment CDP, the CDP of choice for Rose Apartments.

Specifically, in the background a custom trait within Segment’s CDP triggers with keyword match:

  • Lead Generated: Highlighly Interested

  • Budget Indicator: $2000

By using Segment’s CDP to build a more robust profile with the  data learned in Christine’s phone call, Christine can immediately start receiving personalized messaging based on her unique tastes and preferences..

Unleashing the Power of Voice-Driven Insights and Customer Data Integration

At its core, this integration marries the insights/traits extracted from voice interactions, courtesy of Twilio Voice Intelligence, with Twilio Segment's first-party CDP. Combined, these tools improve  the way businesses generate leads and craft marketing campaigns, fostering richer engagements and higher conversions.

The combined tools let users create highly tailored marketing campaigns. Once the voice-derived insights find their home in the CDP, you can segment leads based on their voiced intentions and merge these segments with engaging journeys using Twilio’s Engage to encourage relevant conversions.

In the end, this helps empower your marketing team with tools that uncover leads, create resonance, and pave the way for conversions.

To get started, you need to sign up for Voice Intelligence (currently in Public Beta)  and Segment products. For more information on how to get started with Voice Intelligence, please refer here.

We can't wait to see what you build!

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