How product data can supercharge ABM and enterprise growth

From how ABM makes all the difference in product-led orgs to strategies for personalized executive outreach and deepening existing customer relationships, here are practical insights for those aiming to leverage product interactions for strategic growth.

By Meg Buchanan

Twilio Segment recently hosted Dave Rigotti, Founder of to speak on the value of ABM (account-based marketing) at product-led companies and how it can help maximize enterprise pipeline. In his discussion, Rigotti highlighted several key points:

  • Why have ABM at a product-led company

  • How is ABM different in product-led organizations

  • Product data as the ultimate first-party intent data

  • Personalizing outreaches to executives

  • Expanding across divisions of existing customers

Why have an ABM motion at a product-led company?

Product-led companies thrive by deeply integrating customer experience with their product at its core. Implementing ABM in such landscapes transforms marketing campaigns. It's not about widespread, generic outreach but a laser-focused strategy that speaks directly to high-value prospects' specific needs and usage patterns. 

For example, tech giants like Slack or Dropbox don't just aim for mass marketing campaigns; they target specific enterprise-level prospects, offering tailored solutions based on those companies' operational needs, and in doing so create impactful engagement and a robust enterprise pipeline.

How is ABM different in product-led organizations?

In product-led organizations, ABM isn't a one-size-fits-all strategy. It's a dynamic, adaptive approach that relies on user behavior and interaction with the product. 

Consider a company like Atlassian; their marketing doesn't stop at user acquisition. They monitor how different segments engage with their products, adapting their strategies to fit real-time data, which informs upsell or cross-sell opportunities, delivering value that resonates on a more personal level with their clients.

Product data as the ultimate first-party intent data.

Product data stands as a cornerstone for crafting strategies in product-led companies. It's the crystal ball revealing what clients strive for, their usage patterns, and potential roadblocks.

Businesses like Shopify leverage these insights, not just for reactive support, but to proactively meet needs, often before the clients articulate them, crafting personalized marketing communications and product enhancements that align seamlessly with client business goals.

Personalizing outreaches to executives.

We’ve spoken about personalization at length and Dave agrees-- when reaching out to decision-makers, customizing your messaging is paramount. Tech executives are swamped with pitches, so cutting through the noise means offering solutions that reflect their company's unique challenges. 

Companies like Adobe, for example, don't just send a templated pitch; they analyze a business's digital footprint, offering insights and solutions directly pertinent to the executive's challenges, thus positioning themselves as potential partners in problem-solving.

Expanding across divisions of existing customers.

Growth doesn't always come from new customers. Often, it's about deepening existing relationships and identifying needs across different divisions within the same enterprise.

 LinkedIn, for instance, does this well. They don't just sell a platform; they analyze usage data across various client departments, tailoring their pitches to address unique operational challenges, thereby unlocking new avenues for engagement and revenue within existing accounts.

Curious to learn more about how product data can support business growth? See the full webinar here.

About Dave

Dave Rigotti (He/Him) is a marketing leader who has dedicated his career to furthering the B2B marketing industry and those who serve in it. Dave is a co-founder and Head of Marketing at, a startup that has developed a B2B marketing automation solution for product-led companies. Previously to, Dave ran ABM at Marketo and was the Head of Marketing at Bizible.

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