Reduce Risk: Premium & Premium Plus Support

At Twilio Segment, we have a support plan for your every need. Premium Support and Premium Plus Support are now Generally Available. Reduce risk with 24/7 support, guaranteed response time, and a dedicated Support Account Manager.

By Sonia Mehta Sidhpura, Nicole O'Hallaron

Introducing Premium and Premium Plus Support

In today’s global and economic climate, businesses face unpredictable disruptions and risks.  Though risk and disruptions are inevitable, a company’s response and response time become critical.  At Twilio Segment, we want to equip you with expert help, reduce risk, and ensure you are successful every step of the way on your journey to data maturity.  Today, we are excited to introduce Premium and Premium Plus Support for your mission-critical needs.

Premium Support and Premium Plus Support expand on our Standard and Advanced Support offerings.

Let’s dive into the details.

Premium Support and Premium Plus Support provide guaranteed response time and 24/7 Support.  Premium Plus Support customers will get a named Support Account Manager with large-scale experience and advanced training to address complex and critical needs.

  • Guaranteed response time: Customers will receive problem resolution services, which will depend on the priority level.  Your most critical issues will move to the top of the list.  

  • 24X7 Support 365 days a year will be provided for mission-critical services in need of immediate support.  

  • Support Account Manager will be offered to Premium Plus Support customers.  Some key benefits to a Support Account Manager are:

    • Account Champions - Support Account Managers deliver best-in-class recommendations personalized to the customer’s strategic and business needs.

    • Single point of contact - As the single point of contact, the Support Account Manager resolves and coordinates technical support issues.

    • Expertise - Support Account Managers provide guidance with issues, projects, and other significant changes.

Which plan is right for you?

To help you decide which plan is right for your unique needs, here is a breakdown of all of our support plan offerings. 

Premium Support Image 1
Premium Support Image 1

In addition to our support plans, we offer Professional Services which accelerate time to value with Segment advisory, jumpstart, and resident architect programs.  Professional services can be purchased in addition to any Support plan.  

Premium Support Image 2
Premium Support Image 2

Next Steps

To learn more about our support plans, talk to an expert.  Learn more about Professional Services by heading over to Services. New to Segment? Sign up for a demo to learn how Segment can help you better understand your customers and engage with them effectively.

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