Leverage the TikTok Pixel and Twilio Segment to drive conversions and reach new audiences

The Bouqs leveraged the TikTok Pixel and integrated data partner Twilio Segment to drive conversions by optimizing ad campaigns and targeting specific audience segments efficiently.

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The Bouqs Company is a leading online floral retailer that delivers responsibly sourced flowers nationwide. Founded in 2012, The Bouqs set out with a mission to redefine the way flowers are sourced. By establishing direct-to-consumer flower sales from sustainable farms in South America and transporting them on flights already bound for the US, they cut out unnecessary environmental impacts and deliver fresher, longer-lasting flowers. To help them put the "bouq" in "bouquet," the brand turned to TikTok to scale their business by building brand awareness and driving conversions on the platform.

Optimize and target campaigns to maximize reach and engagement

In order to grow their audience, The Bouqs first needed to better understand them. To capture specific events throughout the buyer journey, The Bouqs set up the TikTok Pixel. To complement their pixel and supercharge performance, they turned to the TikTok Events API integrated with data partner Twilio Segment, allowing the brand to share website visitor events from Twilio Segment directly to TikTok to better optimize, target, and attribute their campaigns.

Now that The Bouqs had strong data connections in place, it was time to push potential customers to their website. They ran ad campaigns under the Website Conversion Objective and optimized for Complete Payment events, allowing them to drive traffic to their website and optimize for purchases. The Campaign Budget Optimization (CBO) feature was employed to test various audience segments, ensuring that their daily budget was allocated as efficiently as possible. By utilizing Spark Ads, a native ad format that enables you to leverage organic TikTok posts and their features in your advertising, the brand was able to boost their best-performing organic videos, allowing them to harness the strengths of both organic and paid content to maximize reach and engagement.

The results

Over the course of three months, TikTok campaigns helped The Bouqs garner over 2.3 million impressions, exponentially increasing their brand visibility and exposing new audiences to their sustainable mission. Their cost per acquisition (CPA) decreased significantly by over 28%. By implementing strong data connections via the TikTok Pixel, complimented by the TikTok Events API integrated with Twilio Segment, they achieved over 3.5k complete payment conversions, a substantial improvement from previous campaigns. Ultimately, we have been thrilled to help The Bouqs on their mission to put the "bouq" in "bouquet" and bring fresh, responsibly sourced flowers to a new customer base.

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