Introducing Good Data, Better Marketing: A podcast by Twilio Segment

We're at an inflection point in the evolution of customer engagement. Good Data, Better Marketing is a podcast featuring experts building next-gen customer engagement. Tune in to learn how enterprises are building human-first strategies in a digital world.

By Kailey Raymond

We live in a hyper-connected world. Technologies are rapidly evolving. And the way we live and work is increasingly hybrid.

This trend towards a more blended reality - that crosses over between the physical and the virtual - shows no signs of stopping. With this shift, the way that businesses and consumers interact is undergoing a massive change too. 

Simply put, we're at an inflection point in the evolution of customer engagement.  To better understand this critical moment, we wanted to speak to the experts in the field actively building next-gen customer engagement strategies. The result? Good Data, Better Marketing is a podcast that highlights the digital and data trends impacting enterprise businesses today and showcases how companies are building human-first strategies in a digital-first world. Each episode interviews a digital leader and seeks to understand how they’re using data as a competitive asset in their customer engagement strategies.

Throughout the show, we discover that while the methods in which we interact and communicate are constantly changing over time, one thing remains constant: relationships are critical in shaping how businesses succeed. In our conversations, enterprise leaders recognize this evolving state of customer engagement and share how they are actively iterating on their strategies and aligning to changing customer needs.

From Bloomingdale’s and First Horizon Bank, to Stanley Security and NBCUniversal, we’ll speak with innovators driving customer engagement strategies forward. Tune in to hear cross-industry leaders share insights from the trenches and tell stories on how they create consistent experiences that reach their customers in the moments that matter.

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Episode Preview:

Episode 01 A Data-Driven Approach to Building Authentic Relationships ft. Keri Taub, Vice President of Strategy, Bloomingdale's

Keri Taub, VP of Strategy, Bloomingdale's speaks with Twilio Segment on Good Data, Better Marketing.

“When I searched for a certain type of handbag, we can't just return every single handbag, one that's $50 next to one that's $4,000, right, that's not what the customer is looking for, but it might be just literally the results of that search. So that's a big piece of personalization is making the site experience different depending on who you are as a shopper and the kind of product that you are looking for… Another physical example is the way the item is shipped to you. Should you be getting the same plastic Bloomingdale's bag, no matter what you buy, or should you be getting a more elevated wrapping and kind of whole unboxing experience, if it's a higher end item?”

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Episode 02 Put the Customer First with User-Centered Strategies ft. Waseem Kawaf, Global Vice President of Digital Experience, STANLEY Security

Waseem Kawaf, Global VP of Digital Experience, STANLEY Security speaks with Twilio Segment on Good Data, Better Marketing.

“You have to realize the market is always moving. Your customer's preferences are always changing. So if you keep it static, you're falling behind and you can be virtuous one day and behind the next. Because outside of Michelangelo, there's not many things that are perfectly built, right? Especially in the tech space”

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