Innovative Customer Engagement Strategies: Foxtel and ZALORA's Insights

At Twilio SIGNAL Singapore, Foxtel and ZALORA showcased innovative customer engagement with Twilio Segment, optimizing ads and revolutionizing personalized experiences in digital commerce.

By Lauren Suen

The Twilio SIGNAL Singapore event was a landmark gathering where Foxtel and ZALORA showcased their innovative approaches to customer engagement. Their insights offer a rich blueprint for the future of digital commerce and broadcasting.

Foxtel: Advancing ad tech in the era of data privacy

Matt Barden, Head of Ad Tech & Measurement at Foxtel Group, elaborated on their challenges and the strategic use of Twilio Segment to enhance their advertising efficacy. “Our focus with Segment was twofold: improving measurement signals into our advertising stack and reducing ad wastage,” Barden stated.

He detailed their innovative approach to overcoming the challenges of browser privacy updates and ad blockers. “By leveraging Segment to receive events directly from our server, we bypass the limitations imposed by browsers. This allows us to feed accurate, time-stamped conversion events into our ad tools, ensuring our ad campaigns are more effective and privacy-compliant,” he explained.

Barden also highlighted their strategy to minimise ad wastage. “Segment has enabled us to suppress active customers from our digital ads more effectively, ensuring that our ad spend is optimised and targeted,” he added.

ZALORA: Elevating customer experience through personalisation

Indah Mustikasari, Senior Product Manager - Data & Martech at ZALORA Group, shared how Segment revolutionised their approach to customer data. “Before Segment, our data was fragmented, decreasing trust and utility. Segment provided us with a unified, reliable source of customer data, which is critical for our data-driven decision-making,” Mustikasari remarked.

She outlined four key areas where Segment has been instrumental:

  1. Analytics enablement: “With Segment, we've dramatically improved our analytics capabilities. Where it once took days to analyse data, we can now do it in seconds, fostering a more data-confident culture.”

  2. Targeted campaigns: “Post-Covid, our focus shifted to retaining high-value customers. Segment's audience capabilities have enabled us to re-engage lapsed users effectively with personalised campaigns.”

  3. Experimentation enablement: “Our experimentation volume has scaled up to 400 A/B tests a year, saving over 1000 development hours. Segment has been crucial in validating our hypotheses rapidly.”

  4. Personalisation enablement: “We've used Segment to significantly personalise our app and website experiences. From customising homepages to tailoring product recommendations, Segment has been pivotal.”

Foxtel and ZALORA’s future plans with Segment

Both representatives shared their visions for leveraging Segment in the future. Barden is excited about using Segment Engage for more refined audience segmentation and delivery to ad platforms, aiming to improve match rates and reduce ad wastage further.

Mustikasari looks forward to implementing predictive analytics for more sophisticated targeting. “We plan to predict customer behaviours, like next purchase categories and restocking patterns, especially for our VIP customers. This will allow us to offer even more personalised experiences,” she said.

Setting new standards in customer engagement

Foxtel and ZALORA, through their innovative use of Twilio Segment, provide a compelling case for the power of data-driven strategies in revolutionising customer engagement. Their experiences offer valuable lessons for businesses looking to harness technology for personalised customer experiences.

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