Announcing Twilio Segment’s New Partnership with Elastic Path: Streamlining Personalized Commerce Experiences

Our partnership with Elastic Path streamlines ecommerce personalization, empowering digital teams to launch dynamic storefronts and shoppable content that adapt in real-time, driving conversions, retention, and increased margin contribution for brands.

By Segment

We’re thrilled to announce that Twilio Segment has partnered with Elastic Path to break down the barriers that have traditionally made it challenging to launch data-driven commerce personalization. The no-code integration with Elastic Path, a leading composable commerce company, eliminates the pain of ecommerce personalization, allowing teams to build and publish customer experiences with clicks, not code. Brands will see increases in conversion rates, better retention, and more margin contribution.

The benefits of personalization are undeniable. Our recent Personalization Report reveals that 80% of business leaders say consumers spend an average of 38% more when their experience is personalized. However, most brands have not combined the power of personalization and commerce because it’s too technical. The complexity of capturing, consolidating, and instrumenting data from disparate systems, and developing dynamic customer experiences with that data, becomes prohibitive for many brands. 

With the new partnership and integration between Elastic Path and Twilio Segment, digital teams can launch dynamic storefronts and shoppable content that adapts in real time using conditional rules about when and what to offer shoppers, based on profile traits and audience segments. Watch the demo below to see this in action. 

Joint customers can now personalize online buying for their top customers with loyalty experiences, offer discount shoppers exclusive savings, target past customers with win-back offers, address abandoned carts with hyper-relevant promotions, and so much more. They now have the freedom to execute their creative ideas to drive the business. 

“For Vivrelle, a luxury membership club, providing a white-glove experience is essential to our brand; the integration between Twilio and Elastic Path allows us to deliver that experience digitally with personalized experiences that truly delight our customers,” said Jeff Neil, VP of software engineering at Vivrelle. “We were able to implement the integration in a matter of minutes and expect this to save our engineering team over 60% in data analytics implementation time long-term. The impact on our members was immediate, and we can see members finding bags they love faster than ever.”

Join us on December 6th at 1PM ET for a live webinar where Vivrelle will share their experience setting up the no-code integration, new commerce experiences they were able to launch, and the impact both technologies have on their business. Attendees will also get to see a live demo starting with activating the no-code integration through to launching a data-driven commerce experience.  Register here.

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