Announcing new native extensions for dbt and Git Sync

Segment’s new native extensions empower data scientists and engineers to work with their preferred tools in the data stack.

By Bryn Saunders, Kurt Lu

dbt + Segment

Segment now integrates natively with dbt, enabling data scientists and engineers to pull in existing dbt models and send that modeled data from the warehouse to over 80 different tools. Together, dbt and Segment help bring together data and marketing teams to enable everyone across the enterprise to use modeled data where they need it.

With the combined power of dbt and Segment, your teams can create robust models that drive business results like propensity models or lead scoring. From there, it’s as simple as triggering a sync in Segment after your dbt Cloud job, and you can send modeled data from your warehouse to

  • Customer support tools like Zendesk and Intercom to identify and address churn

  • Marketing automation platforms like Marketo to deliver personalized marketing campaigns

  • CRM systems like Salesforce and Hubspot to gain a better understanding of customer acquisition

With Segment, we remove all of the tedious tasks, freeing up your data teams to focus on the work that moves your business forward.

Putting your transformed data to work 

Here’s what you can do with Segment’s native integration with dbt:

  • Select dbt models to sync, version-controlled through git: Segment’s dbt model selector lets you pull your existing dbt models via git and send data to over 80 destinations. So, when you update your dbt models, Segment reflects those changes in your syncs.

  • Schedule syncs after dbt Cloud jobs: Put your data to work as soon as you’ve modeled it. Simply schedule a sync to execute after your dbt Cloud job runs, and you’re good to go.

  • Validate your model changes: When you submit pull requests to make changes to your dbt models, Segment will validate your changes to make sure that downstream syncs don’t break. CI checks give your data teams reassurance that their pipelines between dbt, Segment, and downstream tools stay resilient.

Git Sync + Segment

Here at Segment, we know that developers can’t live without Git. Git’s ability to track code changes over time is what has made it such a successful tool in every developer’s toolkit. 

The Segment Git integration brings all the great features of Git to your Segment workspace – allowing you to manage version control across Segment resources.

But this new integration isn’t just about keeping the lights on – we’re committed to empowering developers to use the tools they prefer. That’s why we’ve built a bi-directional sync for you to manage your Segment resources from the command line. You get everything you know and love with Git – like the ability to perform CI checks, automate releases, pull requests, and more.

Getting started with dbt and Git Sync

Segment’s extensions are available as a Public Beta feature starting with limited availability to Free and Team plans and will be expanded in the coming months. Some features are still in development.

Check out the Segment Community for more information about access to the feature, and Segment docs to get started today.

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