A new and improved Schema

By Diana Smith

At Segment, we’re committed to ensuring you have complete visibility into what data you’re tracking through the platform. For example, we offer tools for visibility including the Debugger and Schema. With the Debugger, you can test calls in real-time, examine the full payload, and identify any tracking errors. With Schema, you can view a list all of the events, traits, and page calls you’ve ever sent to Segment. You can also view their properties, frequency, and filter events from hitting particular Destinations on advanced plans.

We’ve recently made some improvements to Schema so you can see all of your events and more easily find what you’re looking for. Now, no matter how many events you have, you’ll be able to see them in the Schema. We’ve increased our capacity to show up to 2,000 events on the Schema page!

You can also now search the Schema to find an event or sort by the name of the event, the number of times it’s been fired, or how recently it’s been sent. You can look at events from the last 60 days, 30 days, or 24 hours.

Find the Schema page by navigating to Sources > click into a Source > then Schema.


If you’re excited about these Schema updates because you have lots of events to search through, you might want to review how you can optimize your tracking plan. Most businesses shouldn’t have more than 100 events.

These resources share best practices for which and how many events to track.


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