Event Properties in the Schema


By Travis Jeffrey

We’re excited to introduce the ability to view event properties the Schema.

While it’s great to be able to see the high level events you’re sending to Segment in the Schema, you also want to keep track of the properties — where you can record important details of each event that enable more granular analysis. Now you can.

Viewing Properties

For example, if you’re tracking Upgraded Subscription you’d likely also want to include the new and previous plan details in the properties so you know how much more money you’re making.


The Schema will show you how recently we’ve seen your event properties and their type (ex: array, boolean, data, number, text). This data is live, meaning if you added another property to your track call, it would automatically show up in the Schema. This is helpful for knowing which properties you’re tracking, and whether or not they’ve been implemented.

Log into your Segment account to start playing around with Schema today.

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